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Consequences of Digital Packrat-itude, Part I
Recent acquisition of a terabyte drive has allowed me to go back and do the audio archive-trawl again, mostly for the sake of organizing all the band recordings (and my design stuff, and text, and…). By far the most stuff is in the "Honey White" folder, 92 GB worth of live shows, jam sessions, and recorded practices—listed below since I have nothing better to blog about right now.

*** Complete HW mp3 ***
Everything. The whole shebang in low-fi 128kbp glory, with many recordings included that exist only in mp3 (such as the legendary Adam-Bryn-Brian-Keir rehearsal of 8/15/03).

2002-01-30 MW-HW Demos
Bryn and I made these in the interim between the Mojo Wire and Honey White.

2002-03-08 Practice - Table Salt
First practice with Bill and Brian. Horrible recording, but we did okay.

2002-03-14 Practice - Table Salt
Second practice with full HW lineup at Earl's studio. Better playing, worse recording!

2002-05-20 Practice - Table Salt
First multitrack digital Roland recording. Better playing & we used it for first demos.

2002-08-09 Live - 6664 Pasado I.V.
Good live show, bad recording. I mean, like Andy-holding-up-a-dictaphone recording.

2002-08-16 Live - 6643 Sabado I.V.
Subpar gig, in Shaun's garage. Didn't do so well recording it either.

2002-09-23 Practice - Table Salt
No, wait—I think this is the first Roland recording for practice.

2002-09-27 Live - Camino Del Sur I.V.
Good gig at Andy's in I.V.; we opened for his band The Hip Crowd. This recording also includes an aborted gig from the next night on Trigo, when the IVFP shut us down after only one song.

2002-10-31 Live - SBRHA Goleta
Honey White plays in an office parking lot. On Halloween, no less.

2002-11-16 Live - Del Playa
The legendary HW balls-ass freezing D.P. gig, where I failed to notice Emily being hit on by creepy drunks.

2002-11-26 My Band Rocks E.P.
Honey White's first studio recording, including every take we did with producer Mark Anthony back on 7/13/02.

2002-12-05 Live - Giovanni's 1 I.V.
CD release gig for MBR. Good show overall but we were a bit loud for the venue.

2003-01-28 Live and Unprofessional (Live 2002)
Compilation of our best live stuff from the year's gigs.

2003-01-30 Live - UCSB UCen
Live webcast from the Hub, thanks to Will Wood and his AP crew.

2003-02-20 Live - Giovanni's 2 I.V.
Second Gio's gig was less energetic, but we have Nicole Franz screaming on tape; what's not to love?

2003-04-22 Live - Musical Cafe TV S.B.
Our only TV appearance in Santa Barbara. They tested new mixing boards on us and demolished the live sound. Good camera work though.

2003-04-30 Live - Wildcat Lounge, S.B.
Our downtown Santa Barbara debut. Loud and crazy; my left ear suffered permanent damage from this show.

2003-06-10 Epic Noise Now! (Live 2003)
Second HW live compilation, from a smaller pool of (admittedly better) shows.

2003-12-04 Practice - Seville St.
First practice after Bryn came back from Europe. Reuss plays guitar on "Dead Man."

2004-01-24 Practice - Seville St.
Billy was miked really well for this one, but Bryn and I weren't (Brian was in Tokyo).

2004-02-26 Live - Giovanni's, I.V.
We had to follow a Lakers-Kings game for this one and the assembled masses were not amused.

2004-04-17 Practice - Seville St.
First of three warm-ups for the 2nd Wildcat show. Strangely, no vocals recorded on this one.

2004-04-18 Practice - Seville St.
The Seville room was unbearably hot. We got a good instrumental take of "Oblivion" though.

2004-04-25 Practice - Seville St.
Third verse, same as the first. We were ready for the Wildcat after this one.

2004-04-26 Live - Wildcat Lounge, S.B.
Best-documented HW show, with audio/video and a real live lighting crew.

2004-05-22 Live - Red's Santa Barbara
Bryn and Keir open for Earl and the Expanding Polka Funk Experience. Polka your eyes out!

2004-06-24 Saturated Songs (Live)
Compilation of the best live stuff from '04.

2004-11-20 Practice - Table Salt
Shambling takes of our new "How Far Is The Fall" songs, fresh from the San Francisco studio.

2004-11-21 Practice - Table Salt
Better than the night before, but only just.

2005-01-29 Live - Embarcadero Hall I.V.
My favorite live show recording, from the old bank building in Isla Vista—the one that burned down in 1970.

2005-02-26 Live - Campbell Hall UCSB
Q: Is it a good idea to be the only rock band in a multicultural talent show? A: No. God, no.

2005-03-26 Practice - Table Salt
Preparing for the Nicholby's show at the much-less-roomier t-shirt factory.

2005-03-27 Practice - Milpas Gallery
First time (I think?) where we rehearse @ Bill's parents' art studio in Santa Barbara.

2005-04-20 Live - Nicholby's Ventura
Really good gig. How do I know? I don't remember anything about it at all!

2005-04-25 How Far Is The Fall
Honey White's first full-length, recorded at Take Root in San Francisco (including all the original takes from August-November 2004).

2005-07-03 Practice - Milpas Gallery
Bill, Brian and I get abstract, under the influence of the gallery's current exhibit.

2005-08-07 Live - Red's Santa Barbara
Nothin' like an 11:30 am gig on a flatbed. Good recording, actually.

2005-10-23 Practice - Milpas Gallery
I was sick during this one so we played some weird versions of So Cold and Shivering Sand.

2006-03-18 Practice - Lounge Pop Ventura
Bill was forced to not use cymbals so much because of the tight, tiny room we played in.

2006-08-04 Live - Ocean Institute Dana Point
Our belated O.C. debut, starring screamin' Steve Foster.

2007-05-26 Practice - Table Salt
Acoustic, mellow jamming the night after I moved into my new house.

2007-05-27 Practice - Milpas Gallery
Owen took tons of photos at this one—to date, HW's last get-together for rehearsal.

2007-07-03 Deluge And Drought (Live 2005-2006)
Compilation of our better recent live recordings.

Next up, the Mojo Wire stuff from 1996 to 2001. Yes, that's reverse-order, and no, it doesn't matter.
posted by Keir at 7:28 AM
Blogger Bryn said...
Your summary of the gig in Campbell Hall is absolutely perfect!
11:02 PM  
Blogger Keir said...
Yeah. Stupid hot Polynesian dancers. I mean, stupid frat organizers. And stupid me for taking the gig. Oh well.
12:19 AM  

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